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39 Railway St Navan

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Open 5 days
tues-fri :10-7

We are an award winning,professional,friendly shop in the middle of downtown Navan.

We tattoo in all styles from portraits to cover ups.

Custom work is a speciality.You can have a one off

 bespoke design drawn to your specifications.

You're not the same as everyone else and neither is your tattoo.

We also have thousands of top quality designs to choose from in our waiting room.

We are fully insured,tax registered and members of Ireland's professional tattooing body,A.B.M.A.I(association of body modification artists in Ireland).

All needles are single use ,all machines are bagged,everything used during the process is disposable and is incinerated by our safety partners Initial Medical.

Come to Holyshow and we will make you look good permanently! 







"....anyone with a tattoo is a holyshow."


my mammy

Mammy hates tattoos, she has always hated them .I can't see her changing anytime soon.But who cares ,we love you Mammy but keep those opinions to yourself.

Stick to the bingo luv.

Unlike Mammy everyone at Holyshow loves tattoos and if you love tattoos we want to see you .We love designing them ,drawing them up and putting your ideas on skin.You want  a tattoo that makes you stop and stare at yourself in shop windows, makes you wander around in darkest December in a t shirt.

We will give it to you. 

not my mammy

As far back as I can remember I have always been obsessed with drawing and art.Not bowls of fruit and bad landscapes but cool stuff ,skulls ,dreamcatchers ,monsters.

I studied Classical Animation and Fine Art but it never did it for me ,I was always attracted to tattoos because they're

That's what they should be a living ,breathing piece of art that is going to accompany you on that great  journey to the hole in the ground at the end of the line.

It's something you have picked that means something to you ,that looks good on you  and makes you feel more confident.It hasn't been mass produced and packaged by some multinational corporation.

It's yours.

Tattooing is the oldest form of self expression we have .Since earliest times we have been marking each other with symbols for protection ,healing and belonging.

I have been tattooing for over 10 years and  I enjoy it more everyday.We have been tattooing in Navan for eight years and are looking forward to many more.

 In that time we have managed to pick up a  few awards and get featured on George Lee's radio  business program. In 2016 we were proud to have appeared in the TV documentary, Baring Arms, celebrating the 1916 rising through tattoos and interviewing the clients and tattooists.

 Call in anytime and lets get going on your new ink.

Unfortunately Mammy won't be here.

John Larkin




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                                                                                    39 Railway Street, Navan , Meath

                                                                                                    046-907 2 666

                                                                                                    085-834 0 924




Tuesday-Friday:10-7.  Saturday 10-6
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